The company / Background

In 2005, Mr. Alejandro Burillo Azcarraga, chairman of Pegaso group, heard about the existence of a native plant from Paraguay which had great health benefits; some of them are control over glucose levels in blood, blood pressure stabilization, removal of bacteria that produces caries, and a most extraordinary feature which is sweet flavor with no calories. It is also known as KA'A HE'E, native name that means sweet herb. It is known as Stevia worldwide.

Even though Stevia was not regulated in Mexico by federal entities (SSP and Cofepris) and imports were prohibited, Mr. Burillo created GAN (Grupo de Alimentación Natural S.A de C.V) which was responsible for doing further research on stevia´s special features such as health benefits, appropriate sowing care, refining techniques and implementation in different products. This research led to top executive´s visits to countries which were more developed in Stevia´s usage and applications, first visiting the plant´s native country, Paraguay, then Japan and finally United States.

Mr. Burillo also requested to gather all research and certification and submit them to federal entities for approval which was finally granted May 2009. Once Stevia was approved in Mexico, the first tests for the plant were done in Mexican soil. Results were very encouraging. Steviapar, a strategic partner, took over the responsibility. Not only does the company have 15 years of experience in this matter, but also, it is the leader company in Stevia´s leaves exports in Paraguay.

And this is how Stevia Maya was created in November 2009.It was the first company of agro industry in Mexico. Their goal is to develop the productivity of Stevia, to create new jobs and new incomes to peasants. The objective is to give Mexican people foodstuffs 100% natural. This will help improving live quality by fighting against diseases that Mexico is facing such as obesity and diabetes.